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Volunteer Opportunities

At Rexdale Community Health Centre, we value the time, commitment and efforts of our volunteers. We respect the contributions of each volunteer and strive to make your experience as worthwhile and supportive as possible.

Our agency considers volunteers to be valuable members of our Health Centre team. Volunteers play many vital roles at Rexdale Community Health Centre, from Board members to clerical assistants to gardeners and placement students.

The diversity of North Etobicoke residents is one of the many strengths of this community. To this end, individuals who reflect this diversity are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the volunteer program at Rexdale CHC. We appreciate and welcome the different experiences, perspectives and knowledge our volunteers bring to the Centre.

Each year, a volunteer recognition event is held for all volunteers who have given their time and talents over the last year. Upon completion of their volunteer assignment, volunteers are given a Certificate of Appreciation for their assistance.

Rexdale CHC Volunteer Application, click here.

Pathwyas to Education Volunteer Application, click here

The following are current volunteer and student placement opportunities at Rexdale CHC:

  • Pathways to Education tutors
  • Opportunity

If you’re looking to explore opportunities to gain experience, develop new skills and contribute to your neighborhood, then please contact our volunteer Coordinator, Suad Aden at: 416-744-6312. Ext. 2281 or via email at suad.aden@rexdalechc.com.

Thank you for considering volunteer opportunities with our agency!