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RCHC's Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Aug 14, 2017

Recent News

Rexdale CHC launches new 3-year strategic plan at Annual General Meeting. The 2017-2020 strategic plan guides how we can best use our resources – space, money, time, expertise and equipment – to serve our community. We created the plan by first of all asking our community members, partners, staff and board for their input and ideas. We then pulled together all this feedback and organized into themes. The staff and board reviewed the feedback at an all-day workshop, and started to identify priorities and make recommendations. It is the Board’s responsibility to finalize the strategic plan and to monitor progress. It is the staff’s responsibility to implement the plan and continue to gather input from our community along the way.

 When there are so many possible initiatives that we could take on, it wasn’t always easy to set priorities. But we believe making progress on the goals we selected are essential. We worked hard to select words that were meaningful and accurate. We hope you’ll agree that our new strategic plan reflects the most pressing needs of our community.

 The Board and leadership team would like to thank everyone who contributed their perspectives, and openly shared their feedback. We listened carefully to what you told us. You helped shape our direction for the next 3 years.


A strategic plan has 4 main sections:

1) Vision – describes what we wish to achieve

A healthy and empowered community.

2) Mission – explains what makes us unique

Our doors are open to support and advocate for the physical, economic, social and mental health

and well-being of our diverse community. We work together with our community and partners to

improve equitable access to quality care and services.

3) Values – principles that guide how we communicate and make decisions


We do what we say we will do. We use our resources responsibly to provide equitable access to quality care and services.


We work together to find and implement innovative solutions to meet our community’s needs. We share our knowledge and celebrate our success.


We warmly welcome everyone from our community. We create an inclusive environment that honours people of all cultures, traditions, faiths, genders, sexual orientation, abilities, and life experiences.


We are kind, polite and caring. We value each other’s contributions and abilities. We create a safe place for all.


We put excellence front and centre for all our programs and services. We strive to deliver the highest standards of practice, while focusing on sustainability, continuous improvement, experiential learning, and celebrating successes.


4) Strategic Directions – priority areas to focus our resources

(Each strategic direction has a series of specific goals)

Improve access and service coordination

Our community members participate in high-quality programs and integrated services, when and where they need them.

Build capacity to meet community needs

Strengthening our skills, abilities, processes and resources positions us to succeed in a rapidly changing environment.

Strengthen partnerships

Mutually beneficial collaborations tackle our community’s most pressing challenges.

Create a healthy workplace

Staff and volunteers thrive in an environment that promotes their well-being and career development.

Advocate for the community

Together with our partners, we play an active role endorsing changes that impact community well-being.

To print a copy of our strategic plan click here.

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