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Rexdale CHC and Urban Harvest Reduce Waste from Local Gardens

Oct 27, 2017

Urban Harvest: Rexdale (UHR) is an urban food initiative that aims to harvest and redistribute surplus fruits and vegetables found right in our own backyards. UHR works with households within the Rexdale community that have fruits and vegetables growing on their properties, who would be interested in sharing their surplus produce with local food banks, shelters and breakfast clubs for kids.

Hundreds of households within Rexdale grow an abundance of fruits and veggies each year, yet a large portion of their harvest goes to waste because many grow more than they can possibly eat! UHR strives to reduce such waste by collecting and sharing these resources that are already found within the Rexdale community.

Gaining inspiration from organizations such as Mississauga Fruit Tree and Not Far From the Tree, UHR has decided to develop its own community harvesting initiative for the Rexdale community.  The program is a partnership between the City of Toronto, Toronto Public Health, Rexdale Community Health Centre, Rexdale Women’s Centre and North York Harvest.  It is funded through Recipe for Community, a program of the Toronto Foundation and the City of Toronto, which aims to improve a sense of belonging amongst Toronto residents.

Throughout this past harvest season, UHR has collected more than 80 pounds of produce from households in the Mount Olive and Jamestown neighbourhoods! All surplus produce collected has been shared with Thistletown Food Bank. Members of the Rexdale community have grown and shared a wide array of fruits and veggies, such as tomatoes, peppers, callaloo, pears, apples and many more!

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