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Flu shots Now Available!

Snacks and Beverages will be available!

 Please dress appropriately for the weather and wear a mask!

Stay protected and get yours!!


October 22 (2pm- 6pm)

October 27 (2pm- 6pm)

October 30 (9am -3pm)

November 2 (9am -3pm)

November 4 (2pm- 6pm)

November 5 (2pm-6pm)

November 9 (2pm- 6pm)

November 12 (9am- 3pm)

November 16 (9am -3pm)

November 18 (2pm -6pm)

November 19 (2pm -6pm)

November 24 (2pm -6pm)

November 27 (9am -3pm)

November 30 (9am -3pm)

December 2 (2pm -6pm)

For more information call 416-744-0066 or visit https://www.rexdalechc.com/about/news


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