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Community Health & Wellbeing Week


Community Health & Wellbeing Week

CHWW 2022 Pledge

During Community Health and Wellbeing Week 2022 (October 17-23), members of the Alliance for Healthier Communities are celebrating community and efforts to confront inequity across Ontario. Here at Rexdale Community Health Centre, our commitment to health equity and improving access to comprehensive primary health care is relentless. By addressing the social determinants of health — including access to safe and affordable housing, clean water and healthy food, as well as by confronting racism and addressing poverty – we can build our community here North Etobicoke to be one that supports equitable health for everyone.

To underline the importance of our commitment to the principles of health equity as embodied by the Health Equity Charter, today, we are taking the Health Equity Pledge to reaffirm our commitment to holistic approaches to health and wellbeing that meet the needs not only of overall community health, but are especially important to improving the lives of people facing inequities and systemic barriers.

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