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Girl’s Space Program

Monday @ 11:00AM to 12:00PM
Available at: Rexdale CHC 222 Dixon

Our Youth Development Programs serve youth between the ages of 13-24, and are designed to support, and enhance personal, social, educational and vocational competency in order to reach their full potential.

The activities in which youth engage while outside of school hours are critical to their development so it is our goal to provide programming that is intentional and recognizes and enhances young people’s strengths; promotes positive outcomes for youth; provides opportunities; fosters positive relationships; and focuses on the support needed to build character and leadership. This is accomplished by providing tools and resources to help reach their full potential.

Information and Registration

For registration or more information please contact Devika Persaud (Youth Worker) at 416-744-6312 ext. 3276 or Devika.Persaud@rexdalechc.com