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Pathways to Education

The Pathways To Education program was created to reduce the high school drop-out rate of youth in various communities. It has proven to be highly successful, reducing drop-out rates by as much as 80 per cent and ensuring that ‘at-risk’ students are able to access post-secondary education through the supports that the program provides. Rexdale CHC’s Pathways to Education program started in August 2007 and supports students from grade 9 to grade 12 at more than 30 high schools.

Every year, our Pathways program enrolls eligible students in grade 8 living in the Jamestown area. Once enrolled in the Pathways program, students receive a comprehensive set of supports, which include:

  • Tutoring - Academic support in all core subjects
  • Mentoring - Social supports focused on issues such as social skills building, leadership, health and career planning
  • Student-Parent Support Workers – An individual assigned to each student to provide advocacy support, help them problem solve and connect with parents, schools, teachers etc.
  • Financial Support: Bursary is available to students base on eligibility criteria.

The Rexdale Pathways program serves students living in the Jamestown area bordered by Martin Grove, Finch, Albion, John Garland, and Kipling. Students must live within the catchment area, but can be studying at any high school.

Pathways to Education provides bus tickets or meal coupons for all students enrolled in the program who meet the program requirements. For more general information about the program, please visit the Pathways Canada website at www.pathwaystoeducation.ca

To register for Pathways to Education you must:

  • Present proof of residence that you live in program’s catchment area
  • Complete Rexdale Pathways to Education forms (by both students and parents/caregivers) and have a school consent form signed by the parents or caregivers


The program runsMonday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
The SPSW is available Monday to Thursday, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Location: Kipling Plaza, 2141 Kipling Avenue, Unit 3

Contact information:

For general inquires about Pathways to Education, contact Ms. Indira Kumarmangalam at 416-743-5553 ext. 221; Fax : 416-744-0118.

To speak to the student support worker, contact Tanya Iskierski at tanya.Iskierski@rexdalechc.com or call 416-743-5552.

The director of the Rexdale Pathways to Education program is Madina Wasuge, 416-786-1358 (cell) or e-mail madina.wasuge@rexdalechc.com.