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Youth Outreach Worker Program

The goal of the YOW program is to engage hard-to-reach, at-risk youth between 12 and 21 years old who have not yet successfully connected with school, employment and/or other community services and supports. The Youth Outreach Workers will engage youth and connect them with needed services, as well as collaborate with other community resources to coordinate their activities within identified neighbourhoods.

The outreach program seeks to:

  1. Engage youth in order to identify their needs, strengths and interests;
  2. Connect youth to a full continuum of prevention, early intervention and diversion resources such as employment, education, health/mental health, social/recreation, restorative justice and other services;
  3. Work with community resources to identify access barriers;
  4. Engage youth and their families with their communities.

Location: In and throughout the community

Please contact Redale CHC’s Youth Outreach Worker at Ahmed.Jama@rexdalechc.com or call 416-744-0066 for more information.