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Annual Report – Rexdale Community Health Centre Connections. As we mark Rexdale Community Health Centre’s 27th year with this annual report, we celebrate the many connections our center has made in a quarter-century. The community health centre model is built around connections – connecting interdisciplinary care providers so they can provide a basket of services that address the whole person, not just a single illness or injury. At Rexdale CHC we help our clients make the connection between their choices—regarding nutrition and exercise, for example—and the impact those choices have on their health and well-being. We connect individuals to their neighbors, because we understand and believe in the power of strong, unified communities. And we connect influencers and policymakers to the lived experiences of the residents of Rexdale so that they understand how their policies affect people on a day-to-day basis. For a copy of previous Rexdale CHC annual reports and Financial Statement, contact Salimate Kone at 416-744-0066 ext. 2356 or via email at salimata.kone@rexdalechc.com