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Rexdale Community Health Centre has some exciting news about a new project beginning in June.
man having a video call
Voices of Diversity – Wisdom Worth Sharing!

When voices of diversity share their wisdom, those speaking and those listening are both empowered.

All of us have a story about our lives, who we are, our resilience, our joys, our families….the stories that brought us to this point in our lives. This wisdom that we all hold is worth capturing and sharing as it tells the story of who we are as a community as well. So much diversity…so much wisdom!

The “Voices of Diversity” Project will offer the opportunity for 10-12 seniors to have their stories filmed, offering their unique and encouraging voices to the community.

woman having a video call
This initiative will provide seniors with skill building experiences aimed at re-discovering your voice, your story, the wisdom you have to share!

We will be holding an information session on Monday, June 6th 12:15pm – 1:15 pm on Zoom to further discuss the project and provide more detail on the process and time commitment required.

We are limited in the number of stories that we will be able to film however all your stories are important.

The final completed films will provide an opportunity to begin a discussion together on the wisdom within our community and provide an opportunity to share together in this discussion at the film launch in March 2023.

We will all be inspired regardless of whether we are the ones telling our story or the ones listening.

To find out more about this project, please contact:
Wendy.caceres-speakman@rexdalechc.com or 416-744-6312 ext 2233 or 2317
This project is funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program

June is Seniors Month: Please join us as we celebrate and honour our wonderful Seniors: This year’s theme is: Stay Active, Stay Connected Stay Safe! Seniors Month Special Events Calendar:

Monday, June 6^th 12:15 pm – 1:15 pm via Zoom

‘Voices Of Diversity’ Project Launch

Please join us for an informative session about our latest project and find our how you can become involved.

Friday, June 10^th 11 am – 12 noon Via Zoom

Silly Hat Tea Party:

Here’s your opportunity to get creative. We invite you to come dressed in your ‘Silly Hat’ to our group Tea Party. Sit down with your favourite cup of tea, or preferred beverage and maybe a little treat on a plate beside it and get ready for some fun!

We challenge you to create, and wear, a Silly Hat – the sillier the better. We will even have some prizes available as a little incentive for you to get your creative juices flowing.

Even if you decide not to wear a Silly Hat, please plan to join us, and check out your friends wonderful hat creations.

Monday, June 13^th 11 am – 12 noon Via SCWW teleconferencem

In this Mindfulness session, instructor Almeiri Santos will offer you a special space to calm, inspire and motivate you.

Monday, June 20^th 11 am – 12 noon Via SCWW teleconference – TBC

Rosita Hall – A Motivational Moment

Please join us for an informative session about our latest project and find our how you can become involved.

Friday, June 24^th 11 am – 12 noon Via Zoom

Virtual Tour of the City of Toronto

It’s time to reacquaint yourself with everything that the beautiful City of Toronto has to offer.

In this session, we will take you on a virtual ‘You Tube’ journey of 25 special places to visit in Toronto. We will share our stories about your favourite places, we will learn from each other and discover new places to explore and reacquaint ourselves with everything that is special and interesting about our City.

Monday, June 30^th 3 pm – 4pm Via Zoom

Digital Literacy Club Exhibition:

RCHC Seniors will be your Tech presenters at this event.

Over the past year Digital Literacy Club members have been working hard to bring this special exhibition to you.

You will learn from your ‘tech savvy’ peers how to make your Smartphone more accessible to interact with.

They will share valuable apps and websites accessible on our Smart phones and devices.

Find out about helpful ways to get your groceries, and new ways to interact with our Healthcare providers and connect to transportation options using the latest technologies.

The event will be packed with information, but don’t fret, Rexdale Seniors have put together a website with helpful videos and step-by step guides on the apps and websites mentioned during the event, but you must plan to join us at this event to find out how to access them.