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man having a video call

Voices of Diversity – Film Launch in March 2023! Stay Tuned!

Wisdom Worth Sharing! When voices of diversity share their wisdom, those speaking and those listening are both empowered and inspired.

All of us have a story about our lives, who we are, our resilience, our joys, our families….the stories that brought us to this point in our lives. This wisdom that we all hold is worth capturing and sharing as it tells the story of who we are as a community as well. So much diversity…so much wisdom!

The “Voices of Diversity” Project spotlights 10-12 seniors who have their stories filmed, offering their unique and encouraging voices to the community.

woman having a video call

This initiative provides seniors with skill building experiences aimed at re-discovering your voice, your story, the wisdom you have to share!

The final completed film launch is in March 2023 and will provide an opportunity to discuss the wisdom within our community.

To find out more about this project, please contact: Wendy.caceres-speakman@rexdalechc.com or 416-744-6312 ext 2233 or 2317


This project is funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.

Virtual Active Living & Information Fair for Older Adults 55+

February 10th, 9:45 am – 3 :00pm

Please join us for informative workshops, interactive demonstrations and FUN!
Events are held on Zoom or you can call-in via telephone link via Zoom.

Events are free of charge and open to older adults 55+ and their families.

More detailed information to follow.