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Are you looking after an elderly parent, spouse, partner, relative, friend, or neighbor?

Would you like to become part of the Rexdale Family Caregiver Community?

Rexdale CHC offers a broad range of Programs and Services to support Family Caregivers facing issues such as isolation, loneliness, lack of skills/knowledge, lack of information and resources, lack of tools and techniques to practice self-care.

All programs are free of charge and culturally competent, with translation and interpretation services available. TTC tickets and Healthy Snacks are also available.

Our programs and workshops will help you to:

  • Learn techniques for Self-Care
  • Develop coping strategies for stress-related to caregiving
  • Build your knowledge and skills about specific conditions your loved ones may have.
  • Meet other caregivers and develop peers-support connections
  • Gain access to additional supports and resources

Rexdale Community Health Centre offers Ethno Cultural Seniors 55+ Program at various locations throughout Rexdale and Central Etobicoke.
Please note: At this current time all programs are offered virtually via telephone (SCWW) or on the Zoom platform.
Information and Registration
To register or for more information, call 416-744-6312 ext. 2233 or e-mail: wendy.caceres-speakman@rexdalechc.com.