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Rexdale CHC offers chiropody, a foot care clinic to assist our clients in their foot care, taking care of unexpected foot ailments, and maintaining overall health. This is the only funded chiropody program in Rexdale.  Our chiropodist assesses and treats various ailments, provides routine procedures such as cutting toenails, ingrown or not, removing corns and calluses, and performs surgical removal of nails, warts, or foreign bodies in the foot. We also offer orthopedic shoes and custom-made orthotics (fees charged), ultrasound and paraffin therapy compression stockings.

Chiropody is essential for people suffering from diabetes-related symptoms, including nerve damage and poor circulation. This service provides complete family foot care for diabetics, children, seniors, and adults.

A referral is required for clients who are not already clients of Rexdale CHC.

Rexdale CHC 222 Dixon

  • Dates & Times
    9 a.m to 5 p.m.
To book an appointment,

please call 416-744-0066. Press 1 and 2.

Our fax number is 416-744-1451.

Animated foot care

To make an appointment, please call 416-744-0066. Press 1, option 1.