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UHTR is a food access and waste diversion program that works with local households interested in sharing surplus produce grown on their properties with local food banks.

Urban Harvest Toronto; Rexdale; food access; food security; food insecurity; waste diversion; reduce and reuse; fruits; vegetables; food bank; Rexdale community health center; canning, and preservation.

Two Program segments:

  • Surplus Harvest Collection &
  • Canning & Preservation Workshops

Rexdale CHC HUB

Dates & Times

  • TBD

Surplus Harvest Collection

Urban Harvest Toronto: Rexdale (UHTR) works with households within North Etobicoke who are interested in sharing any surplus produce growing on their properties with local foodbanks.

UHTR operates within the Mount Olive-Silverstone-Jamestown, Thistletown-Beaumonde Heights, Kingsview Village-The Westway, and Elms-Old Rexdale neighborhoods.

If you are interested in sharing any surplus fruits and veggies, please contact us at (416) 748-4675 or urban.harvest@rexdalechc.com.

Urban Harvest Toronto is a part of the City of Toronto’s Reduce and Reuse programs. Check out the City of Toronto website for more information.

Canning & Preservation

Join us for free hands-on workshops to learn how to preserve your favorite fruits & veggies throughout the spring and summer seasons. Learn how to make a wide array of jams, pickles, and sauces, as well as other easy and delicious recipes!

To participate, please register by phone at (416)-678-7172 or by email at channonjah.edwards@rexdalechc.com! Book your spot today as space is limited!