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The Pathways Tutoring Program runs Monday to Thursday from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m., where students can get one-on-one support from our subject-specific tutors. Tutoring is offered in all core subjects and most of the courses students take throughout their four years in high school. The Tutoring program is currently being held online. Students receive a link to access individual tutors. Tutoring support is offered to all students registered in the program.


IXL Program:

Along with the individual academic support that is provided to our students through tutoring, Pathways Rexdale also offers the IXL program, which supports students in reaching their goals in numeracy and literacy. This program was set up through an external partnership where students have access to an online portal and they work through questions that test their literacy and numeracy levels.


Summer Program:

For grade 8 students who register in the Pathways program, we offer a 4-week summer program, which focuses on bridging their elementary skills to a high school level. This summer program is intended for students to help them transition into a grade 9 level of numeracy and literacy. The summer program focuses on academics and mentorship.

For any information regarding the tutoring program, please contact Sunita Kak at sunita.kak@rexdalechc.com or call 416-743-5552 ext. 2230 / 647-300-6547.