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Pathways to Education

Pathways to Education – Rexdale is located in North Etobicoke, in the northwest end of Toronto. The community is culturally diverse and has a history of strong community spirit. However, it is also wrestling with many socio-economic issues related to poverty, unemployment, immigration, affordable housing, education, and family breakdown.
The Pathways to Education program was created to reduce the high school drop-out rate of youth in various communities. It has proven to be highly successful, reducing drop-out rates by as much as 80 percent and ensuring that ‘at-risk’ students are able to access post-secondary education through the support that the program provides. Rexdale CHC’s Pathways to Education program started in August 2007 and supports students from grade 9 to grade 12 at more than 30 high schools.
Every year, our Pathways program enrolls eligible students in grade 8 living in the Jamestown area. Once enrolled in the Pathways program, students receive a comprehensive set of support, which includes Tutoring, Mentoring, and Support from a Student Parent Support Worker.

Catchment Area

The geographical catchment area for Pathways to Education Rexdale is:

South: John Garland Road
East: Kipling Avenue
North: Albion Road and Finch Avenue West
West: Martingrove Road


How to Join

  • All students in the geographic catchment area and those who attended Elmbank JMA, Greenholme JMS, and St. Dorothy Catholic School in grade 8 are eligible to enroll in the Pathways Program, regardless of their academic performance or economic circumstances.
  • Initial enrolment begins in Grade 9 and students remain in the program until the end of Grade 12.
  • However, students may join the Program in any high school grade where applicable.
  • The Pathways Program is at no cost to the participants.
  • If you would like to join the Pathways Program and are currently enrolled in Grades 9 – 12, please contact Madina Wasuge at madina.wasuge@rexdalechc.com or call 416-743-5552 ext 2222 or Angela Brown-Knight at angela.brown@rexdalechc.com at 416-743-5552 ext 2375.
group of people holding pillows
group of people holding pillows

Financial Incentives

Students who actively participate in the program and are meeting expectations are eligible to receive incentives from the program based on funding.

In addition to monthly incentives, students who are registered in the program -for a minimum of two years- will receive a bursary of $500 per year to go towards their post-secondary education.

Contact Information

To speak to the director of the Pathways to Education Rexdale program, please contact Madina Wasuge at madina.wasuge@rexdalechc.com, or call 416-743-5552 ext 2222 / 416- 786-1358 (cell).

To speak to the Student Parent Support Worker Coordinator contact Angela Brown-Knight at angela.brown@rexdalechc.com or call 416-743-5552 ext 2375 / 647-262-5570

Support with tutoring please contact Sunita Kak at sunita.kak@rexdalechc.com or call 416-743-5552 ext 2230/ 647-300-6547.

Support with mentoring and accessing your bursary or applying for scholarships, contact Angela Brown-Knight at angela.brown@rexdalechc.com or call 416-743-5552 ext 2375/ 647-262-5570.

Pathways to Education Rexdale (Jamestown) is located at:

8 Taber Road
Toronto, ON M9W 3A4
Tel: 416-743-5552 ext. 2222
Fax: 416-743-2062
Twitter: @pathwaysrexdale
Instagram: @p2erexdale

Programming runs from Monday to Friday from 4 – 7p.m. Pathways to Education Rexdale is administered by host agency Rexdale Community Health Centre, a multi-service center offering free quality health care, community support, and activities for people of all ages and all cultures.