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Each student who registers in our program is paired with a Student Parent Support Worker (SPSW). The role of an SPSW is to support the students throughout high school with any challenges they may face, regardless if it’s academically, socially, or emotionally related. Student Parent Support Workers offer holistic support to students by working with their parents/guardians and their schools’ staff to ensure they are being supported in all aspects of their lives.

Student Parent Support Workers track students’ monthly attendance, grades, and credits to ensure students are doing well academically and attending their classes. In addition to academic support, SPSWs and students are required to regularly check in with each other. This allows students to connect with their SPSWs to discuss how their day went, how school is going, and essentially anything that students want to discuss. It is also a place for students and staff to connect by running workshops, having a movie and game nights, or just having open conversations.

SPSW Hangouts:

This is a space where students and staff come together outside of anything academic to share a space and just have fun. Our staff has held hangouts based on mental health, Black History Month, and movie and game nights. These are held to provide a safe welcoming space for staff and students to hang out and build stronger relationships.

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For any information regarding our Student Parent Support Workers, contact the SPSW Coordinator, Angela Brown-Knight at angela.brown@rexdalechc.com or at 416-743-5552 ext. 2375