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We’re All in This Together

The global pandemic has affected a lot of people around the world in different ways. Many of us are experiencing feelings of fear, grief, and panic. Rexdale Community Health Centre understands that surviving in this period of uncertainty will require a transformation in how we approach our daily lives, work, and community. By joining and working together, we can all help each other stay safe, slow the spread, and strengthen our community.

What We Can Do to Empower the Community

  1. Follow these basic health guidelines. Wash your hands more frequently, avoid crowded locations, avoid shaking hands, and if you’re sick, wear a mask and get medical help right away.
  2. Spread community awareness by educating your family, friends, and neighbors. Verify every news and information before sharing and let’s build a well-informed community that is well-aware of the facts and correct information.
  3. Do volunteer work. When possible, find opportunities to volunteer in your community.
  4. Find a charity to donate. In many communities around the world, financial help is greatly needed. Contribute and donate to charity organizations to strengthen our efforts against the virus.