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COVID-19 Wraparound Support Program Via Zoom

Abrupt changes in the past years have caused a struggle with the mental health of younger people. One strong cause has been social isolation. This weekly check-in will create a safe space to engage young people weekly (18-34years old) in self-care activities and hold space for them to process current challenges. Participants will be able to engage in informative and practical topics with various professionals and guest speakers.

We hope to create a safe space for participants to socialize virtually and share coping mechanisms.

Here is the link to register on Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYud-2rqDwpEtTGQXkPEosxPaikFT_Y6J70

To register, contact Layal Askar at 417-303-1906 or layal.askar@rexdalechc.com.

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Food Access Program

Our response to COVID-19:

The food access program is a food insecurity plan implemented by RCHC to address the financial impact COVID has on community members within North Etobicoke. Food insecurity has always been a concern within our community. This pandemic exacerbated the problem in the early stages of covid, resulting in a greater need for food access. As a community Health Centre, our initial response was to provide adequate food access to our vulnerable clients to address the issue of food insecurity and reduce it even further after COVID. We provide our clients with various food supplements such as food boxes, grocery hampers, hot meals, and more every week.

We are at capacity at the moment. For further info, please contact client support @ 416-744-0066 for registration.