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Girl and boy holding vial and syringe

Rexdale Community Health Centre

Vaccine Clinic

First Dose

  • Anyone ages 12 years and older are eligible for first doses of Pfizer

Second Dose

  • Anyone ages 12 years and older who received Pfizer first dose (at least 21 days ago)
  • Anyone ages 12 years and older who received Moderna first dose (at least 28 days ago)
  • Anyone ages 12 years and older who received AstraZeneca first dose (at least 8 weeks ago)

Third Dose

  • (even if second dose was Moderna)
  • Group 1: Specifically immunocompromised individuals (2nd dose at least 2 months ago)
  • Group 2: Ages 18 and older (2nd dose at least 3 months ago (84 days))
  • Group 3: Received Non-Health Canada approved vaccines – case by case)

COVID-19 Vaccine for Children Now Available

  • Children ages 5-11 are eligible to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.
  • The child should not have had any type of vaccine in the past 14 days and should not receive any vaccine 14 days following the vaccination.
  • If your child is turning 12 in 2021 (born in 2009), they should receive adult dosage.

Appointment Schedules

Free COVID-19 Test:
You are welcome to test if you have any symptoms or have been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Patient Handout - Paxlovid - EN Eligibility Criteria for COVID-19 PCR Testing in Ontario:

Prioritization for Molecular Testing for COVID-19 Infection (Effective April 11th, 2022 Ontario Health).

Please see more details by linking the link here:
Updated Eligibility for PCR Testing and Case and Contact Management Guidance in Ontario | Ontario Newsroom.